A Lovely List: 10 Antique Dressers

Pre-loved things. Antique, vintage, used. Passed-down.

Sometime’s they’re a bit too worn, a bit too unfunctional, or past the point of no return with broken parts and a funky smell that just won’t quit.

But sometimes they’re downright charming… gorgeous even.

The stories that pre-loved piece could tell of its past life, especially if it stood the test of time and received love and use from more than one generation, perhaps brings an element of mystery and a sort of whimsy to the whole thing. As a history major, maybe I’m a bit more fond of “old things” than your average joe, but I know I’m not the only one out there who loves a piece that softly echoes of a time in the past. Not to mention that pretty timeworn patina…

I’m totally smitten by these photographs of antique dressers! They add warmth and a sort of solid structure to a room. How to find one? You never know what you might find while scouring craigslist or popping into a local thrift store. Or, call grandma and see if there’s any treasures tucked away in the garage. One person’s old dresser is another person’s statement piece!

Without further ado, here’s a lovely little list of ten charming dressers that resemble the sort of pre-loved quaintness that really brings a room to the next level. (Try not to drool too much…)


Found here


Found here


Found here


Found here


Found here


Found here


Found here


Found here


Found here


Found here

None of the above pictures are my own. Please visit the links listed beneath each photo for reference.

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